Sunday, December 29, 2019

Analysis of "hazuzeM" by Landon Godfrey

Poem found here:  "hazuzeM" by Landon Godfrey

When reading this poem, this feels like a play of words and perspective.  I did a google search on the title and I couldn't find out the meaning.

So what's left?  Just follow the lines.  "A woman hangs a cage in a doorway.  No bird.  The woman sings."  There's a play with assumptions, the cage and the bird.  For me, this poem leads the reader on through expectations and then slightly alters them.  But for what effect?

"In the distance  something in the sky. Bird? Thunder?"  This reminded me of the whole superman line -- look what's up in the sky?  Is it a bird? Is it a plane?  But there's always an assumption that there is a bird in the poem or rather the lack of presence of a bird.  "In the cage a parchment that is not a bird whispers."  The lack of something continues to be emphasized with the next two words. "No sky."

Then the poem turns to the ineffable and unknown, "In the distance something in the distance."  Something, nothing, a lack of anything.  "Many no birds and many no clouds?"  The question gets me here.  When the speakers questions itself there seems to be a need to ground, and, not since the beginning, there are statements that are more definitive.

"In the cage a thunder.  In the woman a doorway."  Definitive and metaphorical.  I'm not here trying to discern what thunder means in a cage or what a doorway means inside a woman.  I wrote below a long time ago -- "what exists."  And after reading and rereading the poem, I'm not entirely sure.