Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Analysis of "Watch" by Mike White

Poem Found Here: "Watch" by Mike White

This short poem has a strong narrative as well as image in it.  The premise being "Dog roped to a tree, / perfecting a circle."  It's a muted scene, but a relatable one.  I have a dog and I'm guessing the majority of people had at least seen a dog that was tied up before.

The emotional pull happens in just three lines, "in the leaves, / in the snow, / in the grass."  Part of me projects sympathy towards the dog -- it seems to be neglected and left alone.  But I know this type of reading is a projection by me.

What fascinates me is multiple images setting the time.  Perfect circles in the leaves, snow, and grass does signify time well (fall, winter, and spring).  And I can just imagine it.

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