Friday, November 6, 2015

Analysis of "Here" by Bill Knott

Original Analysis found here: Analysis of "Here" by Bill Knott"
Poem found here: "Here" by Bill Knott

Short poem, but it plays so well with opposites.  The first line, "it's dark in the asylums dayroom" is a continuation of the title.  What's so interesting about the line are two things.  First, there's the opposite of exceptions and language-- darkness in a day room, but also look at the space between the first line and the title: white space.  This white space seems like a darkness or a nothing which is a theme throughout this short poem.
"where the insane count me on their fingers'  I'm not sure what this lines mean.  It does add to the setting, and adds play to the ambiance.
"Though I still add up to nothing,"  Once again a play of language of expectations.  Now this is taken from the perspective of the insane to "here" -- the current.  But what does here mean?
"Therapeutically speaking."  That last jolt of a line makes it funny, but sad at the same time.  What if the white space and something is the breaking point of sanity.  Counting on something, but adding up to nothing.

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