Monday, March 2, 2015

Analysis of "Bavaria" by Mary Ruefle

Poem found here: "Bavaria" by Mary Ruefle

"umlaut of a cloud" is what drew me to this poem.  Not only is it an interesting visual but also made me want to look up the concept of an umlaut in which I was looking for a symbol.  And then I ran into this sentence about the description about an umlaut: "Umlaut is a form of assimilation"

Now I know I'm overstretching as far as analysis is concerned, but I would like to think that the "umlaut of a cloud" brings a sense of assimilation to the village below and the clear skies above.  It's just this cloud that is different.  

After this sentence, it feels that it should be a semi-colon to attach the next part to the first, but actually, the "separation" of ideas is more important here, "The little girl wore yellow gloves"  A simple sentence but it stands out -- should it?  There's a sense of defiance based in color I guess.  But the last three lines make the poem for me:

     She looked in the peephole and saw
     a stack of unused marionettes.
     Yet, she wondered.

There's more of a focused view with the girl looking through a peephole -- which is like one part of the umlaut (at least that's how my mind works) and the "unused marionettes" adds to the sense of assimilation -- physical assimilation regardless of use.

"Yet" is the key word here.  It a conjunction that indicates some sort of shift but only slightly -- not as hard a turn as "or" or "but."   Here the wonderment is controlled and slight, but could be so much more.  I'm looking too much into this.

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