Monday, March 11, 2013

Analysis of "Snow" by Frederick Seidel

Original poem reprinted online here: "Snow" by Frederick Seidel
Originally read: December 28, 2012 (I was too lazy to go back)
More information about the Poet: Frederick Seidel

So I know I'm overcomplicating this poem; however, there's a good reason why I keep doing so.  So I'm just going to write what I wrote on the page.

"By all word logic -- this poem is bad with the overusage of 'it,' but the 'it' goes along with the irreverance of the poem and also the simplicity."

"I feel this poem mocks nature poems by being so deliberate, and like a flow chart"

1) falls
2) stays
3) goes
4) melts
5) disappears
We'll be like that"

"Other poets (including myself) would go on a long spree to get to the same conclusion"

"Step up your game -- either go simple for obvious meanings or don't fool yourself by going complex and wondering why people don't get 'it.' I feel this poem is saying"

Maybe it's not in the poem, but there are places and moments where I as a reader  (an as a person) try to put so much meaning into certain actions: a missed call, a simple hello, a goodbye.  I try to infer degrees of emotional or nostalgic meaning.  Sometimes, it is what it is. 

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