Monday, March 4, 2013

Analysis of "Brief reflection on killing the Christmas carp" by Miroslav Holub

Original poem reprinted online here: "Brief reflection on killing the Christmas carp" by Miroslav Holub
Originally read: December 24, 2012
More information about the Poet: Miroslav Holub

 I think the humor in this poem happens halfway through the poem.  Oh, crap, I just realized something after rereading this poem.  These lines, "I am just wondering if the carp is the right creature. / A far better creature surely would be one."

Now for my previous analysis I wrote this, "The moral law within me is cute, especially from the perspective of the dying fish."  The perspective is not of they dying fish (which, within it's own right has some symbolic resonance) rather it is discussing, "A far better creature surely would be one."   

So the carp is something that "the poor" looks forward to for Christmas.  Yet, the speaker thinks there must surely be a better, let's say, sacrifice.  For instance, would say something nice before being sacrificed like:

"These are my happiest days; these are my golden days.
The starry sky above me and the moral law within me,
And yet it moves.
or at least

And I write in the end (previous reading) "I find this funny and blasphemous :)" Yes I did write that happy face.  However, reading this with this new (probably) obvious knowledge there's a "blasphemous :(" tone within it.  Yes, the humor is still there, but there's a sting of someone better would say something, would bless something, would be there before and after death.

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