Thursday, February 7, 2013

Analysis of "Possible Elegy" by José María Hinojosa

Original poem reprinted online here:  "Possible Elegy" by José María Hinojosa
Originally read: December 2, 2012
More information about the Poet: José María Hinojosa

So one (of my many) weakness I have as a writer/reader and as a human being is to over complicate things. That's why I try to stick to 15 minutes when I write something down.  The longer I take, the more I doubt what I write --- it's too easy to understand or I should refine my word choices, and then, after many hours, my mind (and real life) becomes a drama fest filled with tears, existentialist depression, and wanderings. [yes I did edit this again after posting it -- it's not perfect!]

I want to focus on the last comment I wrote:

"Yet this line somewhat bothers me 'No one knows why' What does the 'why' refer to?  The speaker started, what waters you'll drown, what land you'll fall -- If I read this line as an existential statement, then the next line, 'but, I, yes I, know!' has a sense of a tragic bravado.  He has to know (with such exclamation).  If he didn't then his journey is meaningless, his existence meaningless"

I told a student the other day to not dismiss the complexity of the simple.  I'm telling myself now -- why complicate meaning if it's just so simple?  It goes back to the beginning comment (I'll just summarize) where I really thought this poem was boring.  The rhetorical questions that answers itself (you'll land on something -- you'll be at your destination).  What's at stake in the poem is dealt with easily (so what if the no one knows? Life's journey only matters to one living it [omg -- yolo]).

So I was trying to find something more in it -- and I did.  I probably continue to over complicate my analysis and life.  There's nothing else after after this point.

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