Friday, February 1, 2013

Analysis of "Panoramic View" by Shanna Compton

Original poem reprinted online here:: "Panoramic View" by Shanna Compton
Originally Read: November 28, 2012 (I think)
More information about the Poet: Shanna Compton

Hopefully you can click on the picture and it expands to something viewable, but not legible (it's already too late for that.)

After reading this over again -- notes and poem.  I still like how the extended metaphor works as a dampening (not distancing) device for emotional sentimentality. How can one feel anything if it's like"this" and then this "this" is like "that"?

I wrote on the bottom, "The poem hinges on sentimentality near the end, then you (as the reader) realize what is there to be sentimental about" there are never really any clear and focused details -- like viewing a panoramic picture for the first time (you see what I did there -- not good).

And see, less than 15 minutes, League is still down though.  Next poem tomorrow I suppose.

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