Monday, February 25, 2013

Analysis of "Glass Corona" by Brian Henry

Original poem reprinted online here:  "Glass Corona" by Brian Henry
Originally read: December 19, 2012
More information about the Poet: Brian Henry

"The ending  denies [?] a certain coldness to the poem -- but there's [sic] a little hiccups of motion here and there but it's hidden within the language."

I think this thought (if I remember old me) from this line "as if angle could produce / what sight announces as visitor,"  I think that's what I look for in a poem that reads like a flow chart (read: poem).  I look for a sense of emotional standpoint.  Not the whole "weep for me because..." blah blah blag (I will weep for you unknown bad poem, I will) rather how the speaker feels about the subject.

The way the speaker sees his subject is different than the previous poems I covered. The closest I believe is "Panoramic View" by Shanna Compton (looking back at my first analysis -- yeah still in that 15 minute mark) where the subject is more technical with the subject and there's little or no connotation in the words that lead to an emotional point.

Yet that line break (which goes with the rhyme scheme as well -- it's terza rima which is impressive) makes me believe there's emotional weight in this poem.  I don't know how else to explain this poem -- I wrote down previously that it has great adjective noun combinations "malleable light" "gravity-infected flash."  I guess my final thought has the important insight:

"The adj/noun construction goes along with the poem -- like separate voiecs the adj/n constructs, the duality works so well.  The rhyme scheme.  Really good technique, form, and texture"

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