Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Analysis of "Albert the Pig Speaks" by Adam Day

Original poem reprinted online here: "Albert the Pig Speaks" by Adam Day
Originally read: December 21, 2012
More information about the Poet: Adam Day

 On my copy, I write down that the author is "Albert Day."  I am wrong, again.  Anyway on to the poem.

I admit that this is weird poem for me to read, and there's a part in the poem with this adjective/noun combination "pedrastic turtledoves" which makes sense on a logical level.  Okay no it doesn't, it's just a weird combination.

Also I wrote this about the beginning, "This description is too good.  It's awkward but not so much that it's out of place"  and it's true.  The title of the poem is "Albert the Pig Speaks"  from the title I'm not looking at realism, I'm looking for a sense of surrealism and how it's worded.

The play of language and colors is what I like about this color.  The word play  like "Stomach, flac soled, dropsical"  -- the transition from st-sd-ds is really interesting here.  Plus how the image of stomach is portrayed is like something being digested if that makes sense.

Also the color: red, to gray, to pink to correlate to the body parts (blood, stomach, heart [pun]) and also a sense of emotional disconnect is well rendered.

I write this at the end "Plus the tone of the speaker is like an intellectual dunce -- which I find funny."  Funny thing, I don't know what that means now in context to this poem.  This happens a lot.

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