Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Self-employed Retail MFA: Becoming a Freelance Writer, Day 1

I haven't given up on the Amazon thing yet! I'm just looking at all the avenues and possibilities, and I do have some skill...writing...I guess.

So I've signed up with E-lance. I'm looking through all the proposals now and...really...



Well, the good news is that the odds of me landing a $20 per assignment job is 10-1. The bad news is that the other freelancer's I'm competing with have a combined amount of experience of over two hundred years.

Now, I need something to work on first...something simple...something entry level, but sweet jesus. Has it gotten so bad that I have little or no chance on an entry level freelance gig when someone who has 35 years of experience is willing to do the job for $10.00?

I really need to finish, "What Color is my Parachute?"

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